Law Enforcement Training



Level: Very hard
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Our law enforcement krav maga classes are specially designed to serve LEO’s daily demands. Among the content you will find:

  • What is the force continuum ? Use of force in general.
  • How to approach a suspect.
  • How to conduct a car control.
  • How to extract a suspect from a vehicle.
  • How to control a person while standing or / and lying on the ground.
  • Front control, side control, back control, ground control and transitions between.
  • How to deploy handcuffs in different situations.
  • Counter custody techniques.
  • How to use a taser.
  • How to use the different versions of pepper- / oc- / cs-spray.
  • How to use an expandable baton (8 hours curriculum).
  • How to use a Tonfa.
  • How to transport a suspect.
  • How to disarm an attacker or suspect.
  • How to stop a suspect or attacker.
  • How to take a suspect or attacker down.
  • How to conduct an efficient and save body search.
  • Ho to implement the TCCC / TECC principles.
  • How to search suspects in buildings.
  • How to open doors tactically.
  • How to deal with a suicide attacker.
  • How to deal with hand grenade threats.
  • How to deal with hostage situations.
  • How to switch between different tools / weapons.
  • How to prevent attempts to grab your gun (gun retention).
  • How to deal with multiple attackers when you are armed.
  • How to work as a team against an armed attacker (stick, gun, rifle, knife, grenade & other).
  • Crowd control.
  • Dealing with passive protestors.
  • Use of shields (ballistic & classic).
  • Undercover work (arrest & control).

Close Quarter Firearm Integration Tactics

  • Fundamentals
  • Distances, time
  • Long range
  • Medium range
  • Close range
  • Footwork
  • multiple officers drills
  • Live fire drills

We teach this course in English & German.

This course is for law enforcement officers and students with weapon carry permission only !

Who is allowed to join the course ?

Dieser Kurs ist ausschließlich für folgende Berufsgruppen vorgesehen:

  • Polizistinnen & Polizisten
  • Angehörige der Ordnungsämter
  • Angehörige der Feuerwehr (Beruf und freiwillig)
  • Angehörige von Rettungsdiensten & Katastrophenschutz
  • Medizinisches Personal an Krankenhäusern und aus ärztlichen Praxen
  • Angehörige von Sicherheitsdiensten mit besonderen Aufträgen
  • Personenschützer(innen)

What do you need to bring to the course ?

You are free to bring all your real equipment to the course, however any real weapon must be registered by the course instructor.

  • a strong belt
  • long pants (tactical appreciated)
  • a tourniquet
  • holster
  • your tactical vest
  • your personal equipment like bodycams, handcuffs, tasers, batons, etc.